About the epidemic 丨 A letter to all employees
                          Dear Fuerte brothers and sisters:
                          At this moment, I have something to talk to everyone.
                          First of all, at the beginning of the Gengzi Year of the Rat, I would like to wish everyone a late year, and here is a unified New Year greeting for everyone! Wish you good health, happy life, happy family and all the best in the new year!
                          The recent epidemic has swept across the country. The company originally planned to officially start work on February 1. However, due to the current situation, with a responsible attitude towards employees, the company and the society, the current requirement for everyone is to stay at home without special requirements. Do not return to the factory in advance, we will start construction on February 10th (the 17th of the first month). Of course, this also gives you the best reason for a "home". According to the current situation, it is estimated that everyone will have to stay at home for a while. So, for such a long time, some hope to communicate with you.
                          1. Don't go to crowded public places without any special circumstances (although there are few people in public places at present), try to reduce the use of public transportation. This is responsible for yourself and your family, others, and society!
                          2. Pay attention to your body! take care! take care! Say the important thing three times! At the turn of winter and spring, it is easy to catch colds. Now it is also a period of high incidence of common flu. Please pay close attention to your body. Even a common cold at this time is scary enough! Therefore, pay attention to keep warm (I heard that this virus does not like high temperatures), pay attention to rest (don't always stay up late), eat regularly, don't use mobile phones all the time, and protect your body. The body is the capital of the revolution, which is "1"!
                          3. Learn some simple medical knowledge. This will not only benefit the prevention and control of this epidemic, but will also benefit you for life. Of course, it is estimated that everyone has learned a lot through various channels during this period, but we still have to screen and don't follow blindly. If you or your family have flu symptoms, whether to go to the hospital or not has become a dilemma. No, I'm afraid that this new type of coronavirus is infected with pneumonia. If it is delayed, it will be troublesome. Go, if it is just a common cold and wastes limited public medical resources, it is easy to be infected! Therefore, if you can give yourself a preliminary diagnosis and treatment through some obvious symptoms, you will avoid many unnecessary troubles and potential dangers! The WeChat group of our company's book club also pushed some officially recognized articles for reference.
                          4. If possible, don’t stay at home all day long because it is easy to get sick if you are not sick. Find a square, park, or river with no people, run and run, and simply exercise to improve your resistance, which is good for fighting the epidemic. I believe it is not difficult to find a place with few people at this time!
                          5. Don't waste this rare quiet time. Usually there is no time to spend time with your significant other, parents, relatives and children. Be with them. They are growing up or getting old every day. Accompanying is the best for them. Gifts, I used to think I was busy with work, and I didn't stop well. And, trust me, you will only spend less time with them in the future!
                          6. Don't believe in rumors, don't spread rumors, let alone spread rumors! If possible, refute the rumors for the family members. The cultural qualities of most of our employees are not low. After all, they have read books for so many years and are familiar with the Internet. At this time, reducing the spread of rumors is as important as reducing the spread of the epidemic! The rumors at this time are very destructive to social stability! We produce magnetic materials. Judging from the information we currently understand, we can't help much in preventing and controlling the epidemic. However, we can at least do something to prevent the spread of rumors!
                          7. Keep a good attitude and don’t artificially create panic. The flu will eventually end and life will continue. Take this closed period as a process of accumulation, stop, look back at the past, and enjoy the future. Pack your bags and get ready to go again!
                          8. In the end, don’t waste your career and fighting spirit. Once a person’s doing something is interrupted, there will be a process of continuity. Therefore, as much as possible, take some time every day to read, read or think, and put the previous ideas together. Of course, If possible, you can also chat with your friends through WeChat or voice, and it would be great to discuss it! We can communicate with each other at any time, because we are all the same, also closed at home, there are not many rare things!
                          There are many more things I want to say, it won’t be more verbose! Although we have not experienced the 2003 SARS epidemic together, we need more restraint, responsibility and confidence in the face of the epidemic. At the same time, we must also know that work and life will remain as usual after the epidemic. Perhaps, this epidemic is an exercise for us. And test, I look forward to seeing healthy, safe, happy, and full of positive energy when we start work!
                          Ganzhou Fuerte Electronics Co., Ltd. Management Department
                          January 29, 2020


                          Domestic Sales Department: Mr Zhong 18365405748  Ms. Xiao15907070356 Ms. OuYang18046674015 Ms. Fang15970085536 Ms. Zhang17779704448

                          Overseas Sales Department: Cindy ouyang +86-18046674015 Amy zhang +86 17779704448

                          Telephone : 0797-8325688 Address : 5 Manifen Road, Ganzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China

                          Copyright ? 2020 All Rights Reserved Ganzhou Fortune Electronics Co., Ltd. 

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